• I started a nonprofit that gives birthdays to children who live in unfortunate conditions. I chose this cause because it was do-able, realistic, as well as fun way to help kids from my high school learn about people in other areas and make them feel better about their situations. I have been able to throw […]

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  • All my life, I heard about hunger, thought about hunger, and discussed about hunger, but I never had a hand in the issue. Such serious issues seemed to be occurring far away lands. However, after observing a flyer in my school’s announcement board, I decided to fight hunger in my city and soon joined Kids […]

  • For my service challenge I founded a program called CodeUCan. The program teaches elementary and middle school students programming in HTML,CSS and Java at local Bay Area libraries. The program is free and motivates students to learn coding at a young age. I chose this cause because I am passionate about programming, I self taught […]

  • As a young child, my parents took me to see a performance of the Nutcracker. As I sat there watching the ballerinas dance across the stage, I began to fall in love with ballet. However, at that moment, I could never have imagined that I would one day be a teacher and share my love […]

  • At Camp C.A.M.P. I was a volunteer counselor for campers/people who have mental/intellectual/physical disabilities. At camp, we spend a week (sunday through friday) with our camper having fun and making lots of memories. We do stereotypical camp things like horseback riding, archery, nature, arts and crafts, campfire songs, canoeing, outdoor cooking…the list goes on and […]

  • At my old school [a private all-girls academy], I was severely bullied. I was ostracized by pretty much everyone. I ended up eating lunch alone for a big part of my high school career. And so, when I was very, very lucky to change schools, I saw people sitting alone, and I knew how that […]

  • WHAT I DID: My service story started for me in 7th grade after I overheard a group of girls saying they had a “shoe problem”, as in they couldn’t stop buying them. Whereas I knew that a true “shoe problem” was not having any shoes to wear. So, that week I scheduled a visit to […]