C.A.M.P. counselor works with youths with disabilities


At Camp C.A.M.P. I was a volunteer counselor for campers/people who have mental/intellectual/physical disabilities. At camp, we spend a week (sunday through friday) with our camper having fun and making lots of memories. We do stereotypical camp things like horseback riding, archery, nature, arts and crafts, campfire songs, canoeing, outdoor cooking…the list goes on and on. Our main goal at camp is for the campers to not feel different, we want them to feel like anyone else. We have a saying, that goes, “every disability is left at the camp gates.” This means that no matter what diagnosis or disability someone might have, it does not mean that they can’t enjoy camp or life in general. As a counselor, I have had several campers that needed total assistance with hygiene, daily activities, and feeding. Although it becomes challenging after 5-6 days, it is a very humbling experience and you learn so much from these kids. You learn to respect and appreciate those with disabilities.

— Katerina Tsvetkova