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You have the power to end bullying!

Devin Moore

Humanity Rising Ambassador, Founder of #RaceToSpeakUp and co-creator of Behind the Screen Anti-Cyberbullying Curriculum.

“I don’t want what happened to me to happen to another kid.”

– Devin

Bullying is a nationwide, and worldwide epidemic. We want all students to participate in our Anti-Bullying programs and become upstanders and allies, creating greater unity in our schools, communities and world.

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Apply for a RISE UP Challenge Scholarship Award!

The RISE UP Challenge Scholarships are awarded to students who are helping to end bullying in their schools and communities.  If you’re making a difference to end bullying, or have an innovative solution to end bullying, we want to hear from you!

To apply, share your story in writing or create and upload a 60 second video using the hashtag #riseupchallenge? This can just be you talking, or you can get creative and share pictures of your service or idea.

Most importantly, speak from your heart!

Students who submit Rise Up stories may also be asked if they would like to be featured on Humanity Rising VOICES podcasts to inspire their peers to help further their cause!

RISE UP Challenge Scholarships are awarded on an ongoing basis, and you may submit your service story at any time.  You will be notified if you are a finalist.

By submitting your service story you’re giving Humanity Rising permission to feature your story in our social media, marketing and communications.

Be Inspired!

Learn about the impact of bullying and be inspired to help end it!

Watch the Film Bully on Netflix.


This eye-opening documentary tracks the stories of five different families whose children are struggling to defend themselves from school bullies.

Feel free to watch other film(s) of your choosing on bullying and allyship.  Share the impact it had on you and your solution below!

Participate in a Virtual Anti-Bullying Assembly!

Kirk Smalley, featured in the film Bully, lost his 11- year-old son to suicide.

Kirk has shared his moving story in a powerful Stand for the Silent assembly with over 1.5 million students across the country. Kirk’s assemblies are life-changing, and even life-saving, for many. Humanity Rising has partnered to bring Kirk’s powerful assembly to students virtually.

Watch the video and be inspired by Kirk!

Follow us on InnerView, social media and our newsletter for announcements of Kirk’s virtual assemblies.

Check out our calendar of events, social media and InnerView posts for the next virtual assembly!  Space is limited so register early.

Participate in Student-Hosted Anti-Bullying and Allyship Podcasts!

Visit our Event Calendar to learn about upcoming live events.

RaceToSpeakUp Podcast

Race to Speak Up

Engaging conversations with Devin Moore and youth activists, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who are passionate about ending bullying through creating a more compassionate and inclusive world.

Bring More of Devin’s Anti-Bullying Work To You

Devin Speaks Up

Devin Speaks Up! is a Children’s Anti-Bullying Book about Devin’s bullying experience.  As a beautiful brown child, Devin was bullied and experienced pain and sadness. Through speaking up about the bullying, Devin found his ‘Race To Speak Up’ voice.

CALM (Community Advocates for LGBTQ+ Mental Health)


Led by Carys Mullins, the Community Advocates for LGBTQ+ Mental Health is a program, podcast, and blog! CALM spreads awareness on how bullying, discrimination, stigma, and inequality impacts the LGBTQ+ community’s mental health.

Join Carys as she hosts a variety of guests who are working towards LGBTQ+ mental health equality and justice, such as Dr. Gary Howell, psychologist and Director of the Institute of LGBT Health and Wellbeing in Tampa, Florida.

We encourage you to participate in our podcasts live, but you may also listen afterwards if you are unable to join us live!

Be Empowered!

Participate in a Virtual Anti-Bullying Workshop!

Check out our innovative tools and resources to help you become an advocate, ally and end bullying!

Behind the Screen

#BehindTheScreen, a youth-created Anti-Bullying Curriculum, teaches students, parents, and teachers about cyberbullying, how to prevent it, and how to be upstanders. Students also learn how they can teach younger students in their communities about bullying and self-esteem, helping them see the light in themselves and others.

Join Devin Moore as he leads this training in a virtual workshop! Learn how you can become a compassionate leader at your school and in your community!

Participating students will be eligible for service learning hours and exclusive scholarship opportunities. Watch our calendar of events, social media postings, and InnerView for the next Behind the Screen virtual workshop!  Space is limited so register early.

Behind the Screen Webinar

Behind the Screen

Featuring Devin Moore and Chicago-area psychiatrist Sundeep Randhawa, who helps students with the mental health impact of bullying, which includes anxiety, depression and suicide ideation.  It’s a safe space for youth to ask questions (via the chat or on screen, if preferred) and learn how they can effectively respond to bullying, overcome the mental health challenges of bullying, and help others.

Be Brave

Tara Townes and son

Be Brave is a youth empowerment workshop that encompasses bullying and personal growth. It inspires communication commanders, educates and spreads love to humanity!

A message from Tara:

My son was a recipient of bullying for many years due to having dwarfism. Moreover, I was bullied as a child for being overweight and biracial. Cory and I became proactive and began a quest to not only raise awareness about bullying but to save lives of adolescents who feel hopeless and for those who are contemplating suicide. It is our life mission to put an end to bullying.

Humanity Rising is bringing the Be Brave virtual workshop to students in our movement. Participating students will also be eligible for service learning hours and exclusive scholarship opportunities.  Watch our calendar of events, social media postings, and InnerView for the next Be Brave workshop.  Space is limited so register early.


You have the power to create more compassionate schools and communities… and better our world!
Check out what some of your peers are doing to help end bullying! You can do this too, or create your own solution! Making a difference can be as simple as a genuine compliment, refusing to participate in gossiping about others, or thanking someone who you see standing up for others!

At my old school [a private all-girls academy], I was severely bullied. I was ostracized by pretty much everyone. I ended up eating lunch alone for a big part of my high school career. And so, when I was very, very lucky to change schools, I saw people sitting alone, and I knew how that felt. I knew the feelings of embarrassment and rejection that went along with that. So I would always ask them to join our table. Some of these people have become some of my best friends. I know how much it really changes these people’s lives. And so I started doing some community service with underprivileged kids. But I realized that, as soon as they stepped out onto those school campuses, there was nothing I could do. So I thought that creating an app (the Sit with Us app) was the best way to help kids in their schools and their lunchrooms and help them meet new people.

— Natalie Hampton

The cause that inspires me is inclusion for people with disabilities.

Sadly, these students are at higher risk of being bullied but that can all change if we make the effort to get to know them. I’ve gotten to know many of our students and they are honestly amazing. Over the years I’ve made connections with students who are nonverbal and wheelchair bound. However, I have learned to communicate in other ways, such as working on art projects or just simply having a conversation.

Our club’s goal is to create more awareness surrounding this topic, encourage respect, and develop friendships between people with / without disabilities.

I have been involved with Best Buddies my entire high school career and it has become one of the highlights of my high school experience.

— Kayla Lambert

Share Your Story!

Share the impact that any (or all!) of the above activities had on you, and your solution to bullying.  If you, students at your school, or your school is doing something innovative that is creating a more inclusive and compassionate culture, we want to hear about it!

In addition to being eligible for an exclusive pool of Humanity Rising Service Scholarships, you may also be given the opportunity to be featured on a Humanity Rising VOICES podcast to inspire others to create a more compassionate world!

(Please use the hashtag #endbullying when uploading your video)


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