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Humanity Rising is a student-led movement to create a more compassionate and better world through service.

At Humanity Rising, we:

  • Help students discover their service passion, empowering future leaders and social innovators.
  • Build leadership and life skills for personal growth and global impact.
  • Provide a platform to amplify the VOICES of outstanding young changemakers.
  • Award scholarships for bettering our communities and world.

Our Mission

Humanity Rising is a student-led movement to create a better world through service.  Our mission is to build the next generation of leaders and social innovators.

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“We help students discover their service passion, amplify their VOICES to inspire their peers, and recognize and celebrate their efforts with scholarship awards.”

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Serve your community.
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Service is at the core of humanity.  It creates empathy, compassion, greater self-esteem…and greater human connection.

We challenge you to find your service passion, make a difference and share your story with us.

Our Programs

Take a Stand

Humanity Rising has partnered with the Illinois Holocaust Museum to offer virtual tours and the Take a Stand program to youth in the Humanity Rising Movement.

Be empowered by exploring human and civil rights history and the challenges today. You will gather tools for civic engagement and positive action in your community and world. Explore Upstanders working to champion areas of economic opportunity, equal rights, safe communities, education and health, and the environment. You will learn how to take action on issues that matter to you while exploring art as a form of activism, and will come away with tools and strategies to create positive change.

VOICES Podcasts

Humanity Rises VOICES podcasts feature extraordinary youth, business and community leaders who are passionate about creating a better world.  Join us and be inspired to find your service passion and learn how you can make a difference in the world.  You may join live and interact with the presenters, or listen afterwards.


Bullying is a nationwide, and worldwide, epidemic. Young people have the power to end bullying through becoming upstanders and allies in their schools and communities.

We offer innovative programs and transformative events that help youth see the light in themselves and one another, and further student-led solutions to bullying.

Spiritual Empowerment Circles

Spirituality is an individual practice and has to do with having a sense of peace and purpose. It also relates to the process of developing beliefs around the meaning of life and connection with others.

Our Spiritual Empowerment Circles help young people become their best selves and create more meaningful connections.

Film Festivals

Be educated and inspired by youth-hosted documentary film screenings and conversations with award-winning filmmakers and other extraordinary changemakers! Film topics include: Racial Equity, Native American and Indigenous People, Mental Health and Wellness, LGBTQ+ Equality and Advocacy, Youth Advocacy and Educational Equity, Disability and Empowerment, Immigrants and Refugees, Climate Justice and many other social justice issues. Each film session includes a call-to-action inspiring youth to help further the cause, and related scholarship opportunities!

Watch our events calendar, social media and InnerView for our next film screening!

(Pictured) Dr. Jim Withers, CNN Hero, Founder of the Street Medicine Movement.

In One Bridge to the Next, Dr. Withers and his team navigate riverbanks, bridges, and alleyways to bring medical help and social justice to those who have fallen through the cracks of society.

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Winner of the NBCUniversal Project Innovation Award

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