Bonita Murphy was inspired to start a ballet camp


As a young child, my parents took me to see a performance of the Nutcracker. As I sat there watching the ballerinas dance across the stage, I began to fall in love with ballet. However, at that moment, I could never have imagined that I would one day be a teacher and share my love for ballet with little girls whose dreams and hopes were as big as mine were.

As time passed, my love for ballet grew and with it grew a longing to help those who were less fortunate than myself. I began volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center, where I played with and mentored the clients daughters. As I spent more time with these girls, I desired to introduce them to the joy which ballet offered. So this summer, I started a four-week ballet camp for the girls. Each day they come, put on a bright pink tutu, copy my every move and give me sweet little hugs as the leave, I see joy radiating from their faces. Their smiles remind me to appreciate the simple joys that life offers, and are my greatest reward.

— Bonita Murphy