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Empower Young Changemakers and Engage Your Employees!

Humanity Rising is a powerful turnkey social impact solution!


  • Build a talent pipeline of outstanding young leaders.
  • Drive employee engagement.
  • Create exponential impact in strengthening your communities.

Leverage Humanity Rising for your DEI, ESG and employee engagement goals!

Build a culture of heartfelt inclusion and purposeful action within your company and your communities.

There are many ways for socially-conscious companies and their employees to participate!

Be inspired by young people who are changing the world and cast your vote for scholarship winners!  Click here!

Here’s how we helped these forward-thinking companies engage:

Sponsor a Company-Branded Service Challenge

“Our partnership with Humanity Rising is proving to be a key component of building a pipeline of passionate, talented, and diverse talent with the rising generation.”
–  Annie R., DEI Program Manager, Ulteig

Amplify the Voices of Your Employees

US cellular
“Humanity Rising is a wonderful organization that is pushing forward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by empowering youth. Students from Humanity Rising have spoken at our Associate Resource Group events. They shared inspirational stories related to bullying and how they have used their personal experiences to foster inclusion and equity. Employees at UScellular shared their personal stories. Employees enjoyed hearing the youth perspective and feel inspired by the resiliency they have shown. UScellular is focused on delivering exceptional outcomes and we are proud to see the positive impact young students are having on the communities around them.”
– Shelly Lemay, US Cellular

Bring Outstanding Young Changemakers to Speak at Your Company

“Students from Humanity Rising spoke at a CIBC Inclusion & Diversity event about how bullying has impacted their lives and how they are using their experiences to make the world a kinder, more inclusive place. Their stories were incredibly inspirational. Employees enjoyed and appreciated hearing their perspectives. In an era with so much discord, we can all benefit from seeing how these young leaders are taking positive steps to reshape and improve our world.”
– Kristin F., Managing Director, CIBC
Young Speakers

Award Scholarships to Young Leaders

“I was honored to present scholarships on behalf of Discover at Humanity Rising’s virtual award ceremony. Volunteerism is one of Discover’s core values and this was a great way to make an impact, especially in this digital world!”
– Melissa P., Discover Financial Services
collage of students

Host a DEI and Social Impact Film Screening & Speaker Event

“I refuse to stay silent while the trans community suffers.”
– Carys Mullins, Humanity Rising Ambassador, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ Advocate
You're Loved
You’re Loved is a grassroots documentary that features the stories of transgender youth in the current environment. Learn how to create an inclusive environment for all people.

Sponsor Podcasts and Events

“I’m a chairman of a company with over 3,000 employees. Some of those employees have children that are being bullied. If families are hurting, your employees are not able to work to their full capability. It is a necessary service to your employees to be a part of the solution.”
– Steve Sarowitz, Founder of Paylocity
Kirk Smalley, featured in the film Bully, lost his 11- year-old son to suicide. Humanity Rising has partnered to bring Kirk’s powerful assembly to students virtually.

Encourage Employee Volunteering and Giving

“This was the BEST volunteer experience by far. I reviewed the service stories with my two young children. They learned about service and different social causes, and were inspired by seeing what older kids, who are their role models, are doing to make a difference in the world.”
– Zurich Employee
HR Ambassadors
Create exponential impact by empowering and supporting youth who are changing the world.

What Cause Inspires You?

“Humanity Rising in two words encapsulates what I believe. I believe in helping humanity.”
Steve Sarowitz, Founder of Paylocity, Film Producer, Humanitarian

“I love the idea of youth taking on issues … taking on service challenges … and trying to make a difference in their communities.”
Steve Van Dinter / Verizon

“When we learned about Humanity Rising, we knew it was a perfect fit for us, because our philosophies are so well aligned.”
Jean Theis, EVP and COO, Andigo Credit Union

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