Categories: Service Stories

by hrising


Categories: Service Stories

by hrising


Best Buddies promotes inclusion for people with disabilities


The cause that inspires me is inclusion for people with disabilities.

Sadly, these students are at higher risk of being bullied or outcasted but that can all change if we
make the effort to get to know them. I’ve gotten to know many of our Students, and they are
honestly amazing. Over the years I’ve made connections with students who are non verbal and
wheelchair bound. However I have learned to communicate in other ways, such as working on
art projects or just simply having a conversation.

Our club’s goal is to create more awareness surrounding this topic, encourage respect, and
develop friendships between people with / without disabilities. Our student body has already
began to make a difference for this cause by pledging to refrain from using the R word!

I challenge students everywhere to join the Humanity Rising Movement, make a
difference, and share your story – together, we will change our world!


I am the current Best Buddies Chapter President at my high school. I have been involved with Best Buddies my entire high school career and it has become one of the highlights of my high school experience.

— Kayla Lambert


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