Hanel Yu helps feed disadvantaged children

All my life, I heard about hunger, thought about hunger, and discussed about hunger, but I never had a hand in the issue. Such serious issues seemed to be occurring far away lands. However, after observing a flyer in my school’s announcement board, I decided to fight hunger in my city and soon joined Kids Food Basket, a local non-profit organization that seeks to eliminate hunger in Grand Rapids. They operate by packing nutrition-filled lunches for poverty-stricken children in public schools in order to sustain their developing brains. It was there that I learned that hunger and poverty was all around me, not beyond me, which lead me to vow to raise as much awareness and finances for these hungry children as possible. As a group, we raised approximately 45,000 dollars this year and I definitely didn’t regret the hard work. This challenge helped me to become aware that even high schoolers like me can be a small part in helping a society change for the benefit of a greater future.

— Hanel Yu