Vernisha Hodge took a mission trip to Mexico


Community service is more than just volunteering to get the require hours you need to graduated high school. Its having that warm feeling inside knowing that you just made a huge, positive impact on someone despite how big or small the job is. I started having that warm feeling the summer before my 9th year. I was doing community service as a junior counselor at the Vacation Bible School Summer Camp at my local church. On my first day I was scared that I would miss up and do everything wrong, but as time went by I became very comfortable with helping the children in lesson activities. My aunt, who ran the camp was very please with how well I work with and the kids were happy I was there. At that moment i decided I would come back and help out. This experience not only gave me that warm feeling, but also gave me an insight on what I wanted to do in the future: work with kids. In August 2016 I was sent with some other kids at school to help out and volunteer in the poor communities of Mexico. Spending two weeks volunteering in Mexico is one of my highlights of my life. Every morning after we had a little worship time I was an assistant teacher trying to teach the children how to speak English and helping them out with their summer assignments. That mission trip plus volunteering at the Vacation Bible School has impacted my life for the better. It has help figure out what a want to be in the future: speech language pathologist or Teaching English as a Second Language. Helping others has always and will always be part of my life and nothing is going to change that.

— Vernisha Hodge, 19