Sabrina Jones volunteered at a local animal shelter


I have always had a great love for dogs, and when I found the volunteering center at my local Humane society I knew I had to apply. The training process was extensive, but it made me feel even more confident about the organization of this shelter. I have been at this shelter for over 6 months now, and it is one of my favorite things.

I go at least once a week, and when I’m there I interact with the animals and get them ready for adoption. These dogs have everything to give, even when they have gone through atrocious events. Experiencing their love has caused me to understand how amazing animals are, and the infinite love they have to give. The benefits animals can give to us is incredible, and just spending a few hours with them every week can show these benefits. By interacting with these dogs, I learn even more about certain breeds than before. Pit bulls have a very harsh stigma around them, and by getting to interact with countless every month, that belief about their behavior has dissipated.

I have found that pit bulls are one of the cuddliest dog breeds there are. By getting to spend time with these dogs, I can help disperse the negative stereotype about the sweet breed. Loving animals is something almost everyone has in common, and if we all allow ourselves to indulge in the affection we have for them, animals and people would be happier.

— Sabrina Jones, 19, Indiana