Meagan Warren wants books in the hands of children


I decided to start Books For Bedtime because I have always had a passion for reading and am very privileged to have the resources and access to books that I have. My mom has taught in very urban schools since I was just a small child. When I went to work with her on days I didn't have school, I was able to see just how different my life was from those of her students. Where I had hundreds of books in my room at home, some of her kids didn't have even one book in their whole house. This caused me to realize just how poorly dispersed our educational resources were and just how unfair it was. So, I founded Books For Bedtime in August of 2014, at age 11. I donate books to low-income youth and families all across Ohio (I have also given some books out outside of Ohio, and even outside of the Us!) at schools homeless shelters, food pantries, new immigrant organizations, classroom libraries for new teachers, school libraries, and more! My goal when I founded Books For Bedtime was to "get books into the hands of children who need them" and to encourage literacy. I would say that I have achieved that goal, too! Now, only 4 years later I have rapidly expanded my mission and have given away over 70,000 books all across the US! We are now a licensed 501(c)3 Public Charity- originally, we were just a licensed nonprofit in the State of Ohio. I was recently chosen to become an Ashoka Young Changemaker, an honor which inspired me to start another venture dear to my heart. These are called " Changemaker Folders" and their purpose is to help inspire all people (but mainly youth) to pursue their passions and become Changemakers! I have already distributed 25 folders in the month since the ventures launch and am hoping to do more. Anyways, my passion, aside from books (of course), is helping others help their communities so we can spread the inspiration, kindness, and love!

— Meagan Warren, 21, Ohio