Jaylin Roberts volunteered at the Make A Wish Veterans Food Bank


Giving back is one of the most commendable things a person can have the opportunity to do. I had the opportunity to do so when I started to volunteer at the Make a Wish Veteran food bank. It started by tagging along with my great grandmother on a Friday morning during summer. I was only a young boy in 4th grade. My fascination grew for the chance to give back and help distribute food to veterans and local families in need. Ever since the first time I volunteered at that food bank, I took the opportunity to spend my Fridays helping out. The tasks that were assigned to me included bringing in food boxes from suppliers, passing out the different combinations of foods to the families, and assisting families with getting their goods to their vehicle. Knowing the relief that I was providing these families gave me joy. Although I do not have much myself, I am in a position where I am not unsure if I will have the daily necessities I need to survive. Helping others that need it brings relief to myself as well for I know that in those moments these families will have food on their table. Giving back is one of the most unselfish acts anyone can perform and I am fortunate to have the chance to such a thing.

— Jaylin Roberts, 19, Florida