Dianna Lopez focused on clean water


I am currently a member and officer in the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) at Vista High School, which organizes and performs different community service activities. This past year, I was able to help my teacher organize a Water Walk, as an event, to help raise awareness for the third world countries who don’t have the fortune we do with clean water. It started with a small class who heard it from their teacher. I was able to help and make this a school event. Half the school came out and walked with buckets of water in order to show our support. We also had set up a donation site, specifically, with our school name and was able to raise money to send out to the overall organization who manages the help for the third world country. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to organize a way for a group of people to go out and help. It did not feel like I did enough just by raising awareness, but to make an actual difference is my dream. I believe that I can make this happen, but it will take time and more steps. One step I want to make is continuing these sort of events in a bigger community. One where, people from all over can come together; and, because of the diversity, it will make an even bigger impact. Again, being and coming from a low-income lifestyle is not easy. It makes goals, like mine, harder to achieve. I wish that my future was secure, and had no obstacles, but that is not reality; not for anyone where I come from. Having the slightest bit of help can make my future greater. Perhaps, one day, I will be able to do the same for someone else.

— Dianna Lopez, 19, California