Carolyn Pascal started a nonprofit to battle hunger

I am Carolyn Pascal, a rising junior at Urbana High School in Maryland. My passions are teaching children and ending hunger. I have logged 990 hours of community service so far. In my hometown, I have been coaching summer swim team for four years, teaching children sportsmanship in addition to swimming. For two years, I taught second graders at a local day camp.

Most recently, I interned with the Frederick County Public School system teaching a third grade class of Camp Invention. Since I was twelve years old, I have also worked to combat hunger. I host community outreach events at grocery stores informing members of my community that hunger is not exclusively a problem thousands of miles away but a problem right here among our immediate neighbors. To date, I have hosted 20 outreach events and collected more than 3,500 urgently needed items for the Greater Urbana Area Food Bank. More importantly, the outreach events have compelled more than 200 community members to remain in touch with the food bank on an ongoing basis. Determined to understand the causes of hunger locally, across our nation, and across the globe, I was thrilled to learn of the amazing power of educating teenage girls in developing nations. Not only does secondary education fight hunger for these young women, it prevents child marriage, overpopulation, death during childbirth, human trafficking, and the spread of HIV.

Ultimately, educating an impoverished girl in a developing nation can lift her entire family out of poverty in one generation. Wanting the whole world to know this, I published a Youtube explaining it. But simply knowing that educating teenage girls could stop hunger was not enough. I knew I must find a way to provide an education to these girls. To do this, I have founded a nonprofit called Educate Girls to Eradicate Hunger, Inc. The mission of the nonprofit combines my two passions of ending hunger and educating children:

• To inform the public of the amazing impact educating girls has on ending hunger in developing nations

• To raise funds to provide impoverished girls with secondary schooling

Please see my website for more information. Since I founded Educate Girls to Eradicate Hunger in February, we have raised sufficient funds to educate 18.5 girls in Malawi, Africa. My name is Carolyn Pascal. I am passionate about educating girls to end hunger and I will not give up.

— Carolyn Pascal, 20, Maryland