Humanity Rising VOICES

Welcome to our Humanity Rising VOICES Podcast Series!

Humanity Rising VOICES podcasts feature student, business and other community leaders who are changing the world.

We are passionate about helping you find your service passion, build leadership skills and most importantly, inspiring you to take action!

Humanity Rising VOICES are a series of live and interactive podcasts broadcast via Zoom. Each episode includes a Q&A session where you’ll have the opportunity to speak directly with the presenters. At the end of the episode, you’ll be invited to participate in a call-to-action which makes you eligible for service scholarships and other awards.

You don’t have to be a student to participate in our Humanity Rising VOICES. Everyone is invited to join us for a lively and inspiring conversation!

Please register below to participate in the live session. If you aren’t able to join us for the live session, you can listen to a replay below.

Humanity Rising VOICES hosted by Steve Sarowitz, Saturdays at 11:00am (CT), moderated by Anisha Bandhakavi (Watch our social media for scheduled dates and to register.)
Steve Sarowitz
Steve Sarowitz, Founder, Paylocity and CEO, Blue Marble Payroll, Billionaire Philanthropist and World Peace Advocate

Humanity Rising VOICES with Kirk Smalley, dates will be announced in our social media and e-newsletter!

Kirk Smalley lost his 11-year old son to suicide from being bullied.

Join Kirk as he shares his moving story and empowers young people to end bullying!

If you are interested in bringing a virtual assembly to your school, please contact

Humanity Rising VOICES “What Cause Inspires You?” hosted by Alisha Gupta, weekly on Wednesdays at 7pm (CT):

Alisha Gupta
Alisha Gupta, Founder and CEO, Needed but Forgotten, Humanity Rising Ambassador, Entrepreneur and Social Justice Activist

Join Humanity Rising Ambassador Alisha Gupta as she interviews students who are changing the world. Be inspired by their stories, and learn how you can help further their causes, or find your own service passion and make a difference!

If you would like to be a featured presenter, you can apply here.

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    Medha Kolhe is a Risk Management Analyst and the Co-founder and CEO of Inara. She recently graduated from Babson College (Class of '21) in Boston, Massachusetts, and is a Bay Area native. In college, she majored in finance, strategic management, and entrepreneurship, while also studying abroad opportunities in London, Dubai,… Read more »
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    Episode 14 on Professional Perspectives: Ava Raiford, USA National Miss DC Jr Teen 2020. Hosted by Alisha Gupta Ava Raiford is the reigning USA National Miss DC Jr Teen 2020. Ava is a shining example of someone who is passionate about helping others. Throughout her career in pageantry, she dedicated… Read more »
  • Rebecca Ake - Disability AwarenessRebecca Ake - Disability Awareness
    ‘Howdy! My name is Rebecca Ake. I am 15 and live in Texas. I have an amazing family that includes my incredible sister who has a physical disability. She has inspired me to help other people like her in my community! Join me on the Humanity Rising Podcast to hear… Read more »
  • Professional Perspectives - Trisha Barta - South Asian ProductionsProfessional Perspectives - Trisha Barta - South Asian Productions
    Trisha Batra is Robotic Process Automation Analyst and the Founder/CEO of South Asian Productions. She graduated as a student athlete (on the college dance team) from the University of California Riverside and majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Technology. During University she won the title of Miss… Read more »
  • Devin Moore - Behind The Screen - The Harms of CyberbullyingDevin Moore - Behind The Screen - The Harms of Cyberbullying
    Devin Moore on "Behind The Screen - The Harms of Cyberbullying" Webinar.    Devin is a 17 year old senior in high school who is making impactful changes in this world. Devin is the Founder of #RaceToSpeakUp, an anti-bullying organization. He designed the #BehindTheScreen, anti-cyberbullying curriculum, in order to teach… Read more »
  • Janani- Professional PerspectivesJanani- Professional Perspectives
    Episode 20 on Professional Perspectives: Janani, Founder of By Janani LLC & The Indian Standard. Hosted by Alisha Gupta “My name is Janani and I am a writer, content creator and mental health advocate. I started on social media to tell my story about how I was able to heal… Read more »
  • Syda Taylor - Organic OnenessSyda Taylor - Organic Oneness
    Syda Taylor is the new founder and executive director of a nonprofit called Organic Oneness established in 2020. Together with her 9 board members, countless volunteers, and a multitude of community partners, they promote the interconnectedness of all people and the Earth through community training, programs, and events. Organic Oneness… Read more »