Humanity Rising VOICES

Welcome to our Humanity Rising VOICES Podcast Series!

Humanity Rising VOICES podcasts feature student, business and other community leaders who are changing the world.

We are passionate about helping you find your service passion, build leadership skills and most importantly, inspiring you to take action!

Humanity Rising VOICES are a series of live and interactive podcasts broadcast via Zoom. Each episode includes a Q&A session where you’ll have the opportunity to speak directly with the presenters. At the end of the episode, you’ll be invited to participate in a call-to-action which makes you eligible for service scholarships and other awards.

You don’t have to be a student to participate in our Humanity Rising VOICES. Everyone is invited to join us for a lively and inspiring conversation!

Please register below to participate in the live session. If you aren’t able to join us for the live session, you can listen to a replay below.

Humanity Rising VOICES hosted by Steve Sarowitz, Saturdays at 11:00am (CT), moderated by Anisha Bandhakavi (Watch our social media for scheduled dates and to register.)
Steve Sarowitz
Steve Sarowitz, Founder, Paylocity and CEO, Blue Marble Payroll, Billionaire Philanthropist and World Peace Advocate

Humanity Rising VOICES with Kirk Smalley, dates will be announced in our social media and e-newsletter!

Kirk Smalley lost his 11-year old son to suicide from being bullied.

Join Kirk as he shares his moving story and empowers young people to end bullying!

If you are interested in bringing a virtual assembly to your school, please contact

Humanity Rising VOICES “What Cause Inspires You?” hosted by Alisha Gupta, weekly on Wednesdays at 7pm (CT):

Alisha Gupta
Alisha Gupta, Founder and CEO, Needed but Forgotten, Humanity Rising Ambassador, Entrepreneur and Social Justice Activist

Join Humanity Rising Ambassador Alisha Gupta as she interviews students who are changing the world. Be inspired by their stories, and learn how you can help further their causes, or find your own service passion and make a difference!

If you would like to be a featured presenter, you can apply here.

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    Anya is a senior at Lakeside School and has been an artist for as long as she can remember. A proponent of racial equity in the arts, she co-founded The Colorization Collective to create space for teen artists of color who, like her, may feel underrepresented in the art community.… Read more »
  • Matine Khalighi - Professional PerspectivesMatine Khalighi - Professional Perspectives
    Matine Khalighi is an incoming first year at Harvard College. In addition to academics, Matine is passionate about helping those who are less fortunate. Inspired by his project in his “Building a Better Community Class” in eighth grade, Matine was motivated to do something more to help those in need.… Read more »
  • Hana O'Looney - Menstrual Health Equity - Student FeatureHana O'Looney - Menstrual Health Equity - Student Feature
    Hana O'Looney is a 16-year-old menstrual equity activist and the Co-Chair of the womxn's empowerment organization, MoCo EmpowHER, in Montgomery County, Maryland. MoCo EmpowHER is a womxn's empowerment and leadership development organization providing free career exploration opportunities, leadership development workshops, and mentorship programs for middle and high school girls. Hana… Read more »
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    TeenEase App out NOW!!! I’m Katie Makarska, and I’m from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I am 16, and extremely passionate about teen mental health, because I have seen far too many of my peers struggle through various mental health challenges; with nothing to really help them in the digital… Read more »
  • Shamawn Wright - Bridge Builders - Professional PerspectivesShamawn Wright - Bridge Builders - Professional Perspectives
    Episode 7 on Professional Perspectives: Shamawn Wright of Bridge Builders. Hosted by Alisha Gupta. Shamawn turns his dreams into reality through real life experience and hardships that he had to endure as a kid living in poverty. He wants to supply resources that will allow kids to strive in education,… Read more »
  • Arul Verma - United2Care - Student FeatureArul Verma - United2Care - Student Feature
    Arul Verma is a rising senior at The King’s Academy in Sunnyvale CA, and is the COO of United2Care: a high school public health nonprofit aimed to spreading the importance of hand sanitization. He was inspired to take part in this initiative to address a key underrepresented issue which is… Read more »
  • Ritu Anand - Creating Healing Collective - Professional PerspectivesRitu Anand - Creating Healing Collective - Professional Perspectives
    Episode 8 on Professional Perspectives: Ritu Anand, LCSW, Hosted by Alisha Gupta. Ritu is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, and Founder of Creative Healing Collective, LLC. Ritu is still in the processing of launching her business and website and so for now, the best way to stay up to… Read more »
  • Pankti Mehta - Compassion During Corona - Student FeaturePankti Mehta - Compassion During Corona - Student Feature
    Episode 16: Pankti Mehta on #WhatCauseInspiresYou podcast series! Alisha Gupta will be live with them on Wednesday, September 2nd at 7PM CST. Pankti Mehta is a rising Junior at the North Royalton High School. Thoroughly passionate about making a positive impact, she is the founder and president of Compassion During… Read more »
  • Riya Patel - Vitiligo Pride - Student FeatureRiya Patel - Vitiligo Pride - Student Feature
    Episode #13: Riya Patel on #WhatCauseInspiresYou podcast series!    My name is Riya Patel, a rising senior at American High School, and I founded the Vitiligo Pride Community in the summer of 2019, as a way to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for the skin condition, Vitiligo.… Read more »
  • Seneca Dunmore - Powerhouse Professionals - Professional PerspectivesSeneca Dunmore - Powerhouse Professionals - Professional Perspectives
    Seneca Dunmore is the founder of Powerhouse Professionals, an organization geared to empowering professionals and helping them to fulfill their true potential. Check out Seneca on Instagram @Seneca.Dunmore & @PowerhouseProfessional. --- Support this podcast: Read more »