What Cause Inspires You? Submit your service story

Humanity Rising brings communities together to inspire and empower students to make a difference through service, and recognizes and rewards outstanding service with college scholarships. Service creates empathy, compassion, self-esteem, greater human connection and a shared sense of responsibility for one another. On a quarterly basis, we award Humanity Rising Service Scholarships and other rewards to students who are making a difference in the world through volunteerism or creating their own service project. To qualify, create and upload a 60-second video to share your service story! Once you have a service story to share, create and upload a 60-second video, and share it with us.  This can just be you talking, or you can get creative and share pictures of your service. To check out samples of other students’ videos, visit our Service Story page. Here is an outline for your video: Hi, my name is __________, and I'm part of the Humanity Rising Movement. The cause that inspires me is __________ [state your cause(s)].
  • Tell us why this cause inspires you, and share your service story.
  • End the video with, "I challenge you to join the Humanity Rising Movement and tell us “What Cause Inspires You?"
  • Remember to limit the video to 60 seconds.
  • Most importantly, speak from your heart!
When you are ready, click here to upload your 60-second video, and then enter the hashtag #whatcauseinspiresyou? If you would prefer to send us a written submission of your service story, you can share it with us now in the form below. There are no minimum hours required and no specific activity that is more or less compelling in the eyes of our judges. We’re looking for service that was impactful and meaningful to you and those who benefitted from your volunteerism or innovative service project. A good rule of thumb is at least ten (10) hours of overall engagement.

Service Story submission form