Journey to Self

A Youth Self-Mastery Program


Humanity Rising has partnered with Lisa Brazelton of Wisdom from the Edge

Lisa is a business executive, author, certified life coach, and an internationally recognized educator on the intersection of human potential and the evolution of our humanity. Lisa paves the way of doing business with revolutionary insight, creativity, and collaboration. She birthed several companies including Wisdom from the Edge in 2020.

Lisa is a published author and has written dozens of self-development courses, and created multiple programs in self-mastery and mindfulness for personal and professional development.

Lisa M. Brazelton
Author, Entrepreneur, Master Trainer

Youth Self-Mastery Program


Journey to Self is a cutting edge Self-Mastery Program that provides students with mental and emotional foundations to navigate obstacles on a personal level, and become inclusive and confident individuals.

Journey to Self helps youth manage their future from the inside out.

Students are equipped with tools such as effective breathing techniques, meditation, mindfulness, grounding, and learn life skills that are rapidly becoming essential competencies for the road ahead, including resilience, courage, gratitude, forgiveness, how to be allies and advocates, and much more.

Journey to Self is designed to help students develop self-awareness and elevate inner confidence in an experiential, supportive learning environment, expanding inner balance and healthy thinking

Goal 1

Develop students with a strong sense of self

Goal 2

Create leaders with mental/emotional resiliency

Goal 3

Build youth advocates who model self-mastery and inspire unity

Goal 4

Foster peaceful schools and communities

Goal 5

Build a talent pipeline of self-aware, inclusive and courageous leaders for companies

Program Offerings

Humanity Rising has partnered with Lisa Brazelton (Wisdom from the Edge™) to bring the self-mastery content presented in her book “The Greatest Gift” to students to empower them to create the greatest version of themselves and catapult them to the next level of conscious living, where they will experience life with enthusiasm, deep joy, and profound fulfillment.

Participating students will connect with like-minded students from across the country, and will be eligible for service learning hours and exclusive Humanity Rising Scholarship Awards. Students who complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion for their college and career resume.

The Greatest Gift

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Youth are faced with the challenges of the ever-increasing stress and instability of our world, including the constant threat of bullying (including skyrocketing cyber-bullying), violence, poverty, racism/discrimination, environmental concerns, and a worldwide pandemic.

Young people have the power to create a better future through their individual and united efforts.