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Humanity Rising Youth Service Challenges:

Humanity Rising Youth Service Challenge:

Tell us your Youth service story for a chance to earn a college scholarship.  Open to students across the country.  You can submit a new / updated story once every three months.  CLICK HERE to submit your Youth service challenge story.

Did You Know?

  • Schools are the most common location for youth development programs to take place.
  • 60% of effective youth programs use strategies based on family.
  • 48% of youth development programs are community-oriented.
  • Competence, self-efficacy, and pro-social norms are traits addressed in youth programs across the board.
  • 76% of youth programs have an emphasis on bonding with family, peers and school
  • Most youth programs focus on positive outcome measures as motivation.

    Sources: http://aspe.hhs.gov/hsp/positiveyouthdev99/chapter4.htm

What You Can Do

  • Volunteer your time at a nonprofit running programs for youth
  • Create Your Own Service Project