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Sharing the VISION of making the world a better place through service

Humanity Rising VISION Opportunities:

Joining us at the VISION level signals your strong commitment to helping Humanity Rising inspire and empower students to create a better world through service.

At a minimum, VISION Participants will receive all of the benefits outlined below…customized to meet your specific business and/or philanthropic objectives.

Working with your Humanity Rising account manager, you can create unique service challenges for students in your community or across the country.  In addition, your employees can be involved in judging service stories AND we’ll have special opportunities for members of your team to be “guest bloggers” regarding service or leadership topics relevant to our students.  We’ll also work with you if your organization wants to host a scholarship presentation event at your business.

As a VISION Participant, the scholarship dollar amount awarded in your name increases from $500 to $1,000 or more…and some of your scholarships can be earmarked for “year-end” recognition awards to students in your community or across the country.

Starting point for VISION Participation Level

  • Inspire and empower students to make a difference in your community through service
  • Define a 12-month (or two six month) service challenge(s) promoted by Humanity Rising within the community
  • Award $1,000 college scholarships in your organization’s name:
    • Up to 33% of the participation fee
    • WCIY scholarships AND service challenge scholarships
  • Employees given access to the Humanity Rising service scholarship voting portal…help us select scholarship winners in the community
  • Featured in Humanity Rising’s social media efforts
  • Listed as a Humanity Rising VISION level participant in regular newsletters distributed to students in the community

Ready to join us as a VISION Participant?

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