The Neighborhouse provides a safe place for kids


In an area of Delaware where many children of color fall prey to drug addiction, violence, and giving up on education, Johnny provides mentorship and guidance by volunteering his time to a local, low-income community center. He began by offering homework help, which then led to sharing his love of chess with the students. He began teaching children at the community center the basics of chess, their skills have grown to such an extent that they are now able to compete against each other in simulated tournaments. As their skills evolve, Johnny plans on helping the students enter local competitions with chess players from the community. While he is teaching valuable lessons in strategy, patience and planning, he talks about the importance of education.  While most teens his age spend their time pursuing personal activities after school, Johnny gives that time to others, because  he realizes that his short-term sacrifice will provide long-term rewards for the community.

— Johnny Means