Additional Scholarship Opportunities: The Anti-Bullying Leadership Challenge

Kirk Smalley of Stand for the Silent lost his 11-year old son to suicide. Over 1. 5 million students across the country have experienced a Stand for the Silent Assembly. For our Anti-Bullying category, we’ve teamed up with Stand for the Silent to help Kirk reach more students with his empowering message and to recognize and reward students who are helping to put an end to bullying through kindness and respect. YOU can help Stand for the Silent and Humanity Rising reach more students and spread the movement by participating in this fundraising initiative. Once you have an anti-bullying service story, create and upload a 60-second video, and share it with us.  This can just be you talking, or you can get creative and share pictures of your service. To check out samples of other students’ videos, visit our Service Story page. Here is an outline for your video: Hi, my name is __________, and I'm part of the Humanity Rising Movement. The cause that inspires me is Anti-Bullying.
  • Tell us why this cause inspires you, and share your service story.
  • End the video with, "I challenge you to join the Humanity Rising Movement and tell us “What Cause Inspires You?"
  • Remember to limit the video to 60 seconds.
  • Most importantly, speak from your heart!
When you are ready, click here to upload your 60-second video, and then enter the hashtag #BULLYINGSOLUTION If you would prefer to send us a written submission of your service story, you can share it with us now by clicking on the submit your service story button below. click here to submit your story