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Zurich Service Challenge

“This was the BEST volunteer experience by far. I reviewed the service stories with my two young children. They learned about service and different social causes, and were inspired by seeing what older kids, who are their role models, are doing to make a difference in the world.” Zurich Employee

Humanity Rising serves as a powerful turnkey social impact solution that engages your greatest assets – your people and your communities.

We offer your company and your employees several ways to participate:

  • Donate to the movement to support students in your communities. You will also have an option to share an inspiring message with students when you donate.
  • Sponsor Humanity Rising Service Scholarships awarded in your company’s name.
  • Engage your employees through a Virtual Service Challenge .

Company-Branded Service Challenges and
Virtual Scholarship Awards Ceremonies

Our company-branded service challenges and virtual award ceremonies provide a simple way to engage employees and to award scholarships in your company’s name. Humanity Rising does all the legwork, providing you with student service stories for your employees to review and select finalists, and we coordinate the virtual ceremony. All you have to do is log in and be blown away by the amazing things that young people are doing to create a better world and experience the joy in recognizing and celebrating their efforts.

We can create a company-branded Service Challenge in a cause that aligns with your company’s goals. Humanity Rising will promote the challenge to youth in your communities to share their service stories in writing and via video. The rest is simple:

  • Review service stories and vote on finalists for Humanity Rising Service Scholarships awarded in your company’s name.
  • Contribute financially to the challenge and support students through a corporate gift or a turnkey employee giving campaign.
  • Participate in a virtual scholarship awards ceremony to recognize and celebrate outstanding young leaders. We also offer the opportunity for you to be interviewed in a podcast or video by our student ambassadors.

Build relationships with young leaders for internships and future career opportunities. Humanity Rising will do all of the legwork, while you celebrate outstanding young changemakers!

Doing good is good for business.

Benefits to your company include:

Build a Talent Pipeline of Future Leaders
86% of Gen Z—our future global leaders–prioritize giving back to society
Drive a Culture of Engagement
Over half of employees are not satisfied with their organization’s social responsibility (CSR) efforts. Are your employees engaged?
Increase Profitability
Companies with a strong commitment to their communities gain 400% higher earnings per share growth.
Strengthen Your Communities

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