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Humanity Rising "What Cause Inspires You?"
Service Challenge

Join us as we inspire and empower students to make their communities (and the world) a better place through service

Be a part of Humanity Rising.  As a key participant in the movement, your support will help us:

  • Run ongoing Service Challenges to mobilize students around the causes that matter to them (and you)
  • Award scholarships to students who are having the greatest impact on their (and your) community through their service to others and social entrepreneurship
  • Help develop the next generation of leaders and social innovators
“Every company should be part of Humanity Rising”

Business leaders like David Neithercut (CEO of Equity Residential) understand that being part of the Humanity Rising movement has many benefits.  By supporting student service, companies help make the communities where they do business better for themselves, their employees, and their customers.  They also appreciate that Humanity Rising provides their organizations a powerful turnkey Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Engagement solution.

We make it easy for you to participate

INSPIRATION Level Participation ($1,500 to $10,000):

  • Determine what cause(s) inspire you and your organization
  • Click the INSPIRATION Participation Level Registration button below
  • Complete the short registration / donation process
  • Cash scholarships awarded in your company’s name (~33% of donation)
  • Total scholarship value awarded in your name equal to 2X of donation amount
  • All scholarship awards remain within the community

Impact Level Participation ($10,000 to $50,000):

  • There are three different IMPACT Participation Levels
  • Each level has opportunities for you to engage your employees in the Humanity Rising movement
  • Click the IMPACT Participation Level button below for additional details

VISION Level Participation (>$50,000):

  • Click the VISION Participation Level button below for more information about creating a custom community or national program


Chicago - April 4, 2018
Stand for the Silent Assembly

Kirk Smalley – Stand for the Silent

Your support of Humanity Rising helps us in many ways, including our hosting of a Stand for the Silent assembly for over 600 students in the Chicago area.

Individual Donors

Inspire students to help create a better world through service.  Visit our donation page, select the cause that inspires you, and make your donation to Humanity Rising today.
Your support will make a difference in the lives of students and those positively impacted by their service.