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Humanity Rising is a service organization that awards college scholarships to encourage and help young leaders continue to build their skills through a post-secondary education.  We often discuss internally that our rewards could just as easily be concert tickets, t-shirts, or some other form of student recognition for outstanding service accomplishments.

Education is and will remain important to the development and long-term success of our children.  And while a “traditional” college education is the right answer for many, it isn’t the answer for everyone.  That is why Humanity Rising allows our scholarships to be used at ANY accredited college or university, including community colleges, proprietary (for profit) institutions, etc.

While education (and college scholarships) will remain a significant part of our overall mission (helping develop the next generation of leaders and social innovators)…we’ll never lose site of the fact that our most important mission is to inspire and empower students to service.  Service creates empathy, compassion, self-esteem, and greater human connection – all critical attributes for effective leadership.