Jenny Kim found inspiration in tutoring


Education means different things to a lot of different people. To some, it may mean that it makes their parents proud. To another, education may be the only ladder to escaping a version of poverty. By any means, education should be important to everyone because being educated is the key to discovery and life in a very big world. I grew up in a home where education was a top priority. I moved to America from South Korea when I was little and ever since then, I was introduced to a completely different world. I couldn’t speak any English when I first moved and I felt a lot of pressure from everyone around me. This experience has made me more empathetic to kids that aren’t as adaptive to learning new things as other kids. I am inspired to serve by how little we know about the world. With thousands of curious kids growing up into curious scientists, writers, engineers, and more, the world will unravel into an even more fascinating place. I hope that I can teach young people to focus on higher education and live with a sense of question. Today, I serve my community with my teaching and tutoring skills. I am a co-leader of the club in my high school called Fellows After School Tutoring which offer our local elementary school students an opportunity for 1:1 tutoring time with a high school student. I also volunteer at Reiman Gardens in Ames, Iowa where I do teaching projects such as reading story books to a large group of kids. In addition, I also work with students in a program called Raising Readers in Story County in which we fight summer learning loss by reading with an adult partner twice a week. My current student in this reading academy is named Vivian and English is her second language. Over the course, I watched her grow in her abilities and can now read a whole book without much help! I have branched out from little kids and am also the co-leader in Mayor’s Youth Committee as well. We give anti-bullying and anti-drug presentations to middle school students to teach making positive choices. My next steps are continuing everything I am doing right now, and teaching English next summer in South Korea. I (hopefully!) am also working on creating a similar math academy in my hometown.

— Jenny Kim, 20, Iowa