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Help build the next generation of leaders and social innovators!

Be a part of the movement to inspire, empower and reward students for making a difference in their communities.

Create exponential impact with your philanthropic giving by inspiring students throughout your community to make a difference in the cause that inspires you!

Also, for every $1 donated, we will award $2 in cash scholarships and Tuition Discounts, further leveraging your social giving.

You can choose to sponsor students who are making a difference in all cause categories… or choose the cause(s) that inspires you!

Please help us spread the word to students ages 13 years old through high school to join the movement, make a difference, and share their stories for scholarship consideration and to inspire their peers.

After you’ve made your donation, please challenge your friends to join the Humanity Rising Movement!

Invite your company to join the Humanity Rising Movement!

We have many ways for companies and their employees to participate.  Click HERE to visit our sponsorship page and learn more.

Together, we will build the next generation of leaders and social innovators... and build a better world through service!

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