by CherylRomanowski


by CherylRomanowski


Grayson Breen collected toiletries for homeless youth


I collected toiletry products, cleaning supply products and linens for a local non for profit that gives homeless lgbtq youth a place to stay.

Once I collected as much as I could my family and I packed our three cars full of donation items and drove everything over to the apartments. It was a really heart warming experience . One kid was so excited that he finally had a shower curtain, and after hearing that is when my mom and I almost broke down crying. It hit us how blessed we are and how we can use it to bless others.

I challenge other students to run your own toiletry, linen, and cleaning supply drive. Whether the cause you’re passionate for is homeless lgbtq youth like me, or something completely different, just make sure you get out there and help.


For my charity drive, I made flyers showcasing what I needed and when I needed it by. I then posted these flyers on the Nextdoor app and social media. I also had my family tell their co-workers, friends and other family members about the drive.

As far as getting my charity drive in school I made a portfolio with all the charity drive information in it and presented it to one of our administrators. After I got it approved I posted the flyers I had made earlier up on the walls of my school. I also made sure to have a box in the main hallway and library for supply drop-offs.

As donations were coming in I made sure to keep a list of everyone that donated and what they donated. Once I hit my end date for my drive my mom, my friend, and I sorted all of the items I had into appropriate boxes (shampoo with conditioner etc.). After all the items were sorted we packed up our three cars and brought over all the supplies to 360 youth services.

Lastly, I made sure to send a handwritten thank you note to everyone that donated (excluding school donations).

— Grayson Breen


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