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Humanity Rising’s DEI Elevation Program

A Powerful Turnkey Employee Engagement and Social Impact Program


Inclusion begins in the heart.

Storytelling serves as a catalyst for courageous conversations and opens the door to creating greater awareness, empathy, and unity within your organization and your communities. It is our mission to help you create a more compassionate culture through the power of storytelling and connection.

We leverage documentary films and live Q&A sessions with filmmakers to bring powerful conversations on relevant social issues to your organizations.

StoryboltHumanity Rising

Humanity Rising, in partnership with StoryBolt, leverages short documentary films and live Q&A with the filmmakers as a catalyst for heart-centered connections, courageous conversations and inclusive action. Each session has a call to action that gives your employees the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the world

Create Exponential Impact

Activate inclusion in your workplace and in your communities.


Culture Impact
StoryBolt enables impactful ‘Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging’ conversations centered around award-winning documentaries that tell real stories.

Community Impact
Humanity Rising is the call to action at the end of the session. We give your employees the opportunity to take action and create a meaningful difference through inspiring youth in your communities to create greater unity and inclusion.

Build Community Through Film

Foster understanding, empathy and meaningful change through company-wide screenings of socially conscious documentary films.


We offer an extensive library of an extensive library of over 4,000 award-winning short documentaries from across the world that explore powerful social issues like implicit bias, gender inequality, LGBTQ+, mental health and much more.

Catalyst for Courageous Conversation

Foster dialogue on important social issues to help your organization build an inclusive culture.


Each film is followed by a Live Q&A session with the filmmaker (or film subjects), where your employees will have the opportunity to explore complex topics in a personalized and engaging way. The sessions are facilitated by an expert in the field.


Humanity Rising

A Call to Action

Turning Compassion Into Action


Humanity Rising is a student-led movement to create a more compassionate and unified world. At the end of each session, your company and employees will have the opportunity to expand this work into your communities through empowering and celebrating the next generation of leaders and changemakers.

Your Employees will have the opportunity to…

  • Share their own stories to inspire students
  • Review student service stories and choose finalists for scholarship awards
  • Present scholarships awarded in your company’s name to recognize and reward outstanding young leaders at a virtual award ceremony

Take advantage of our dynamic opportunities to support young changemakers and engage with the Humanity Rising Movement.


Partner With Us

Build a more engaged and passionate workforce that brings your business to peak performance.


This powerful and innovative program will elevate your company’s DEI and provide opportunities for your employees to make a difference in their own communities.

Join a growing coalition of companies and young changemakers who are transforming the world.

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