Humanity Rising Anti-Bullying

The Anti-Bullying Leadership Challenge

You have the power to end bullying!

Start a Fundraiser

Raise funds to help us bring Kirk Smalley’s Anti-Bullying assembly to more students, schools and communities!

Kirk Smalley lost his 11- year-old son to suicide from being bullied.

Kirk has shared his moving story in a powerful Stand for the Silent assembly with over 1.5 million students across the country. Kirk’s assemblies are life-changing, and even life-saving, for many.

Watch the video above and be inspired by Kirk!

You can help us bring Kirk’s assembly and the Humanity Rising Movement to more youth by participating in our fundraising challenge. Students who raise funds are eligible for Humanity Rising / Ty Smalley Scholarship awards. You may also be featured on our “Fundraising Wall of Fame” on our website to inspire others!

In addition to starting a fundraiser, you can submit your own solution to bullying below! Doing so improves your chances of being awarded the scholarship!

If you would like to bring Kirk’s assembly to your own school or community, please reach out to us at Follow us on InnerView, social media and our newsletter for announcements of Kirk’s virtual assemblies.

Start your fundraiser now.

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“Behind the Screen”

Participate in student-led anti-cyberbullying training.

Humanity Rising Ambassador Devin Moore started #RaceToSpeakUp after being racially cyberbullied.
Devin is working with New York state legislators to bring bullying curriculum into schools and is also teaching younger students in his community about self-esteem and bullying prevention. Humanity Rising has teamed up with Devin to help spread his movement to end cyberbullying.

Humanity Rising Ambassadors Alisha Gupta, Faith Wang and Devin created a 14-week cyberbullying curriculum to help students learn more about cyberbullying and how they can help end it.

Watch for our announcements in InnerView, our social media and newsletters to participate with Devin in our student-led Behind the Screen cyberbullying training, and learn how you can help bring this program to your community!

If you’d like to bring Devin’s presentation to your community, please contact us at

You can apply here to download the “Behind the Screen” curriculum. We encourage you to start a chapter with your friends!

Download Curriculum

Create Your Own Solution to End Bullying!

Help put an end to bullying through kindness and respect,
and we may feature your work as you create change in your community!

The Sit With Us app helps students meet new friends.

Kayla Lambert co-founded Best Buddies at her school to help students with disabilities, who are at greater risk of being bullied.

You can help further other student-led solutions or create your own solution to end bullying! Share your story with us for scholarship consideration and to inspire your peers to create a more compassionate world!

We want to hear from you!

After you’ve taken action, please remember to share your story with us!

You can submit your story through writing or a video. If you choose to
submit a video, use #endbullying once you click on the link.

Here is an outline for your video:
“Hi, my name is __________, and I’m part of the Humanity Rising Movement. The cause that inspires me is Anti-Bullying.”
Tell us why this cause inspires you, and share your service story.
End the video with, “I challenge you to join the Humanity Rising Movement and tell us ‘What Cause Inspires You?’”

Remember to limit the video to 60 seconds.
Most importantly, speak from your heart!

Thank you for participating in the Anti-Bullying Leadership Challenge and creating a more compassionate world!

Together, we will end bullying and change our world!